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Meet Our Revealed Facilitators

Our Revealed Facilitators have been trained and supervised by Dr. Juliana Hauser. Each facilitator has completed Revealed at least once themselves and have facilitated groups of people from around the world through the course materials.

Beatrice Streit

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Emmy Ohare

Emmy loves creating space for people as they explore their sexual beings. She worked for ten years as a nude dancer and erotic playmate before moving to the internet full-time, where she does custom, interactive webcam shows. She also has a background in nonprofit administration, animal advocacy, and labor organizing. Emmy is thrilled to be part of the REVEALED community and a member of the REVEALED Advisory Circle.

Jennifer Rahner

Jennifer Rahner is a Sexuality Educator by profession, and teaches with vulnerability, unafraid to expose herself completely. A professional writer for more than two decades, she is passionate about helping people experience more pleasure in their lives - sexual and otherwise. She runs a solo practice at and is one-half of the brains behind along with her partner, Sean. You may have seen her quoted online and you can find @geekysexlove on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Jennifer Rahner on Facebook, OnlyFans, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Karen Beale

Hello! I am a dedicated advocate of self-discovery through sexuality. Drawing from my own life experiences, from love and loss, to motherhood and partnerships, and also from my academic career, I have come to realize that the foundation of personal strength lies in uncovering, embracing, and nurturing one's own sexuality. As an AASECT certified Sex Educator, I have supported countless individuals on their paths to embrace and harness their sexual agency. I firmly believe that the magic of sexual empowerment requires the sanctuary of safe and open conversations. So, my classes are first and foremost a community, a space where individuals find camaraderie, understanding, and support while reshaping their lives. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery? Join me (online or in-person) and set out on a path towards owning your sexual agency and embracing your full potential.

Kristy Lowther

Kristy Lowther, MSW (she/her) is a sexual empowerment coach and educator who has spent over twenty years studying the field of sexuality. She identifies as a cisgender, queer parent who recognizes the importance of creating spaces that intentionally center underrepresented voices. She is passionate about helping people show up as their authentic selves and dedicated to empowering individuals through education, coaching, and transformational experiences. Kristy is a certified Bodysex Instructor, mentored by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross, and is trained under Dr. Juliana Hauser to offer Revealed: Uncovering Your Sexual Story courses. She obtained a BA in psychology with an emphasis in sexuality and gender studies, and a master’s in social work, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Lisa Crouse

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Revealed is now a part of my coaching programs. I love sharing and guiding others to their Sexual Agency!
Revealed has been an avenue for me of discovery for my own journey. It has been provided the foundation I have needed in owning my Sexual Agency.
I love being a facilitator of Revealed because the world needs this. The holistic approach in sexuality resonated with me from the beginning. Dr. J has put herself and Revealed out there to help so many others. I'm grateful to be a part of her accomplishing the goal. Helping others heal an own their own Sexual Agency.

Simone Farshi

I have been there. After countless relationships not working out, with a high appetite for love, passion, freedom and security and not knowing how to make it all work, I took the past 10 years of my life to figure it out.
In my quest I have completed Yoga Training, Doula training, Meditation, Birthing my son, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Massage, traveling the world in pursuit of learning from the best psychologists, somatic practitioners, healers, nutritionists and advocates of holistic health. I have been in open relationships and monogamous relationships as well as moments of celibacy. I have fought gut issues, skin issues, depression, being a single mother in pursuit of happiness and the deepest search of love- not the romance we are fed in movies and story books, because well, that did NOT work out. I knew there was something deeper, something missing in what we were taught growing up and that IF I knew-- A LOT would have been different. I love love love sharing what I have learned over the years so that you don't have to endure all the heartache I did. So you can get up and live your life full of purpose and love and yumminess that many of us have had to make mistakes for, and well if you've done that too, then I am here for you. So you can have deeply satisfying sex with love and intimacy.

When I'm not head deep in my sexuality and pleasure books or hosting yoni steaming and self care dates with my friends, I am hanging with my 10 year old son and snuggling with our pug Kevin and kitten Katniss. I recently followed my dreams and moved to Mexico from California. In pursuit of a more value-filled life and juicy life, the ocean and lush jungle is medicine for me. It's a small town and things are simple, basic even- But we love it. We have the ocean, I ride horses, my son rides his bike out of our house with the neighborhood kids and we spend time together. While I love myself some good city action- this is where my heart deliciously is for now- and I believe in following the heart and unapologetically listening to the body.
My methods are calculated and every flowing- I believe in authenticity and attunement to every individual- never a one size fits all package- All our stories are different and yet the pain is similar. We work together in designing a path to pleasure and specific Pleasure Design tools to get you back into feeling confident, radiant and operating from a place of ease. I work somatically, meaning with the body, we are our own greatest teacher and guide and sometimes that remembrance is reborn with the help of another. I am that other. I am sensual in my bones and love to share that thread of yummy with others ESPECIALLY women. I didn't get that enough growing up, so here is the space I wish to foster and heal that for each other. Techniques, breath, voice, movement, conversation, nutrition- all of it turns me on. Let's learn together and make this planet the most loved up we have seen yet.

Liz Meir

Laurie Marvald

Laurie is an entrepreneur in various aspects of the arts and education, the music industry and more. A graduate of Cornell University, and attended Columbia University Business School. Ivy League Educated, Laurie has created businesses that empower women and support families. Laurie created and developed the band/label AJR as well as an educational company for families. She is now embarking on a digital media platform that is erreverant and pushes the limits in art, media, writing and beyond for the current Gen-Z population. Laurie has known Betty Dodson for over 30 years and has been immersed in the value and importance of expressing our sexual background and energy in order to move forward with all parts of our lives.

"Revealed changed my life, cleared the way for me to go forward with my life and ideas. I found more creative paths within me by opening and clearing that pathway - with no shame. As a certified Revealed Facilitator, I want to share this with other women. The experience is synergistic in that everyone's experience is enhanced by others in a safe and miraculous space. It is truly a life changing and expanding experience." - Laurie

Kaitlin Voellinger


We have two different tracks for those who wish to become certified to facilitate Revealed. If you are a facilitator, therapist, coach, or have experience facilitating you will receive all you need to know to apply Revealed to your work. If you are brand new and passionate about the content, there’s a track for you, too!

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